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is a company born in Brescia to offer dental technicians, dentists, and companies different services, such as multiple types of CAD courses, Scan Body development, and libraries for the major CAD Software used in the dental sector.


For Solo

For people who wish to master the use of the software in the shortest possible time and with an exclusive path, we offer a personalized individual program.

For a truly unique and custom-made experience, calibrated to your real training needs, you will be contacted directly by our trainers, who will help you in choosing the training modules that best suit your needs. The course will be carried out in a strictly private form and, as trainees, you will have access to the training with your own equipment or, even better, by renting the workstations.

At your service our highest versatility even during the training day, in which there will be given wide space for insights and curiosities.

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