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is a company born in Brescia to offer dental technicians, dentists, and companies different services, such as multiple types of CAD courses, Scan Body development, and libraries for the major CAD Software used in the dental sector.

Implant Companies

We help implant companies transform their standard components into digital, introducing them into a different world made exclusively of new business opportunities.

Our services are aimed at implant manufacturers and cover the entire design line, starting from the component development proposal, to the drafting of 2D drawings and the creation of 3D drawings shared with the customer. Each implant company has its internal management (with or without a technical department), we can also offer a 360° service, which stands out thanks to the customization of the development, in addition to quality, for an evolutionary and lasting collaboration.

What software we develop for:


What was considered an alternative until recently, today is the norm and, for this reason, many more customers expect to find digital components in the catalogs of implant companies.
We deal with the development of the libraries in different ways, taking care of it from the beginning, starting from the physical components, or the construction design of the piece provided by the parent company. The transformation of the supplied drawing into a .stl file must be done according to specific rules, different for each software, like for example the number of triangles forming a mesh and the coordinate of the component in the digital space. Developing libraries requires a deep knowledge of all CAD systems on the market.



Our method is based on eight fundamental steps that guide the Implant Company through the process of creating new digital components, starting from the development of the Scan Body design to the post-creation support service.

  • Development of the 3D shape of the Scan Body and the choice of production materials
  • Proposal of new components such as T-Base, Scan Body, Premilled, and Analogues for digital models through 2D Technical Tables
  • Final Technical Drawings of the components in 3D files and related 2D Technical Tables
  • Index of Production Tolerances for each component developed
  • Analysis of the tolerances indicated in the first production test
  • Development of digital libraries for the systems proposed to the company
  • Video Tutorial for the installation of the libraries in the different CAD software
  • Post-development support
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