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is a company born in Brescia to offer dental technicians, dentists, and companies different services, such as multiple types of CAD courses, Scan Body development, and libraries for the major CAD Software used in the dental sector.

On the road

On the road

Breaking down boundaries, not only virtual but also physical. With this spirit, we have designed the innovative training program “On The Road”, currently chosen by several European and non-European realities.

Thanks to two CAD4D branded Flight Cases and our ten mobile workstations, we can re-create a training room everywhere in the world, while maintaining all the quality and experience guarantees of our training programs.

The program is intended for all the companies and, in particular, exocad resellers, who have no in-house structure for the management of the training or who simply prefer to rely on specialists.The possibility to experience in real-time what has been learned distinguishes our training and makes this program ideal for organizing events or conventions with digital transformation as their theme.

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