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is a company born in Brescia to offer dental technicians, dentists, and companies different services, such as multiple types of CAD courses, Scan Body development, and libraries for the major CAD Software used in the dental sector.

Lab & Clinic

Our study has been entirely based on a single concept: Open System

This means our compatible implant libraries, besides being developed for the most famous dental CAD on the market, are created to be suitable for use with all CAM software and 5-axis CNC equipment. Direct connections, with rotational and anti-rotational geometries, along with similar libraries for digital models and Ti-Base, complete the circle of our digital products, ensuring total coverage of prosthetic protocols. The Scan Body is the main reference of any library and aims to guarantee the implant position in 3D scans, available in LAB or CLINIC version, with different shapes and materials.

  • LAB

    The Scan Body LAB is dedicated to dental laboratories. Made of Ergal, aeronautical aluminum, this high-precision instrument ensures the proper transfer of implant position from the master model to your digital system.
    With its cylindrical shape with a flat head and micronized blasting treatment, it guarantees maximum scanning quality and subsequent alignment with related libraries.

  • Clinic

    The Scan Body CLINIC is intended for dental practices. Made of Titanium Grade 4, this fine instrument ensures the correct transfer of implant position from the oral cavity to your digital system. Its cylindrical shape with a trapezoidal head allows for easy positioning in the oral cavity and optimal patient comfort. With the micronized sandblasting treatment, which eliminates light reflections, excellent scanning quality is ensured.

  • Analogs and Ti-Base

    Analogs for 3DPrinting are utilized to recreate the position of the implant in the prototype model. The clamping screw on the base gives concrete stability to the component, once housed in the countersink created in the model using the parameters available in CAD, or using our previously developed libraries with offset. The Ti-Bases serve as connectors between the implant and its final reconstruction. Made of Titanium grade 5, these components have all the necessary certifications to carry out rehabilitations using CAD/CAM technology.

  • Custom

    From the original components (analog, screw, and abutment) we are equipped with the tools to create any implant line, through a development process that involves measurement, 3D drawing, production of physical components, and the development of implant libraries. Instruments like measurement microscopes, touch probes, and industrial CNC milling machines are essential to achieve a result that meets the tolerances of the original components.

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